Full-managed service platform kopla

The only configurator platform that enables to configure and calculate products online and simulate their behaviour in practice.

Help your customers find the right product: Provide your own configuration solution!

With the fully-managed kopla service platform, manufacturing companies can create their own online design and calculation tools. The solution is specifically aimed at medium-sized companies and corporations that operate internationally and want to market their products online. Thanks to the modular design and a fully-managed cloud solution, the time-to-market is reduced. The target group is companies that want to position themselves in a customer-oriented way in the digital age. With years of experience, we offer a comprehensive solution to make products visible online and increase market opportunities. Contact us today to explore your digital possibilities.

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Your Benefits

Reducing sales costs by digitalisation.

Increase in net online sales through increased conversion rates with reduced returns. Open up new target groups.

Reduce the production of incorrect products, waste and costs. Reduce the number of retours.

Your Customers's Benefits

Make buying from you easy at every time.

Configure, calculate, simulate - find the right product and order it at the best price.

Customize and optimize your E-commerce performance.


“As the CEO of a medium-sized manufacturing company, I am looking for ways to better explain my products online and present them in international markets. The kopla service platform offers me exactly that, as I can create my own online design and calculation tools. Thanks to the modular design and a fully-managed cloud solution, I can reduce time-to-market and focus on my core business. With years of experience in various product categories, I know that kopla knows exactly the data required and the best use cases. As an open-minded CEO, I want to position my company successfully in the digital age and increase my market opportunities.

Our Services

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Full-Managed Service Platform

Develop custom configurators quickly and affordably.

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Experience Products Digitally

Make your sales process more efficient through automation, increase quality in offers, and get faster results.

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Modern Technology Stack

Based on AWS services, Angular, and AI algorithms and image recognition with 3D technology.

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For Your Customers

Configure, calculate, simulate - find the right product at any time and order it at the best price.

Seamless Integration

We ensure that your configurator is supplied with the appropriate interfaces to your ERP, PIM, or eCommerce systems.

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Offline Capabilities

Configurators can be used anytime, anywhere.

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About kopla

kopla is a startup company of the igus group. Our goal is to provide our platform as a flexible solution to offer custom configurators based on customer-specific requirements in the shortest possible time.

Our team of experts consists of consultants who work with you to specify your requirements and ensure that all data needed for the configurator is available. Additionally, we offer a competent development team with several years of experience in the microservices area, which builds the configurator according to your needs.


Would you like to get in contact? Write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.